Why This Charm Has Our Heart

A pendant as charming as a prince...

It all began during our design process this year. This collection we dove deep into what Addison Weeks meant to us and what this holiday season may bring since times were changing due to the pandemic. After presenting our holiday presentations, our team had a lot of clarity of our mission. This year we wanted to design a collection with symbolic meaning and sentimental purpose. Whether it is a gemstone that provides strength or a heart shape inspiring love, each piece was carefully curated to bring something purposeful into your life no matter what 2020 may have looked like for you.

THE Look

• A colorful ensemble representing hope & positivity.

• This bold heart shape pendant says it all, practice being more compassionate and patient.

• The contrasting colors and gemstone chain give this simple heart shape an elevated look and feel.

Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.

- Princess Diana

Spread the love

This season we are bringing you more than just pieces of jewelry. We are creating gemstone pieces that provide you with a sense of calm and pendants that remind you of your favorite traveling experiences. So spread the love this holiday season because now more than ever we are cherishing these meaningful jewels that have a sense of purpose.


Annie brown


Inspired by all things fashion & social media, you can find Annie scrolling through Instagram to find the latest fashion and jewelry trends. When in doubt, she knows what styles are in and what are out.