Cocktails at The Ranch

Cocktails at the ranch

BEHIND the scenes of a Ralph Lauren styled Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I was given the incredible opportunity to style a photoshoot for Addison Weeks new jewelry line. I spent the month before dreaming up looks, pulling accessories & clothing I thought would highlight the colorful pieces. With the launch of the new website I thought I would share a little “behind the scenes” inspiration for a few looks.

THE look

• This was my favorite look of the day. I am personally going through a cowboy boot, denim, blazer phase, and I guess this was a case of life influencing art.

• Either way I loved how it turned out and felt it was the perfect backdrop for the Addison Weeks turquoise pieces and the bold gold bangles.

• Cocktails at the Ranch is the theme for this ensemble. (And for those of you watching happy hour will be held at Dutton Ranch, Yellowstone)

I have always loved things that are timeless and and get better with age.

- Ralph Lauren

elevate basics

Ralph Lauren is famous for romanticizing classic pieces with embellishment, a little sequin, organza, a bold belt. I took a cue from the master in choosing a dark blazer with a sequin motif, a bright colored satin evening skirt, and a large embroidered belt with a statement buckle. All paired with a simple denim button down.



Allison welch


When it comes to fashion, our team at Addison Weeks always refers to stylist Allison Welch for the best style, trends, and fashion tips. Her use of color, patterns, and mix of fabrics in her daily outfits inspires us every day.