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Addison Weeks Adds Hardware, With Their Own Twist

Katherine Weeks Mulford and Lee Addison Lesley, the talented duo behind the brand name, have been friends and business partners for 15 years. During that time, they’ve managed to bridge the gap between classic and modern through their locally handcrafted gemstone jewelry. The pair’s pieces incorporate striking gemstones like turquoise, quartz, moonstone, and others, fixed within versatile gold and silver settings.

The two met in Atlanta, where they each worked for large corporations. That is, until they began making jewelry together in their free time. Their creations started out as gifts for friends and family until both women decided to take the craft to the next level.

Addison Weeks

Now, with their office located in the South End area of Charlotte, Kat’s hometown, the company is growing rapidly. The pair went from shipping a few dozen orders a day to a few hundred after their Whitten Stud earrings caught Oprah’s eye.

Most recently, the pair has kicked off their latest line: hardware. "Lee (my business partner) and I have always been obsessed with gemstones, but we felt like our jewelry designs could easily transition into home decor,” Katherine explains.

Addison Weeks

Lee and Katherine tinkered with a few home decor designs and showcased them at High Point. The next big break came when the duo had an opportunity to collaborate with the Southeast’s beloved interior designer Barrie Benson. It seemed everyone was in need of unique, luxurious hardware in the marketplace.

“It was an education in manufacturing something other than jewelry,” Katherine says.

Addison Weeks

Now, they sell hardware that includes everything from refrigerator pulls to curtain tie backs. The team has the metal handmade in one factory while the gemstones are mined and hand-cut in another. They then assemble all the hardware by hand in their Charlotte office.

Addison Weeks

“We try to design hardware that is functional but also adds a unique element to a project,” Weeks says. “We have seen our hardware used to transform an old chest to being used throughout an entire kitchen. It is so fun to create something and see how people choose to put it to use… Our customers are our best inspiration – we love to listen to what they need and try to incorporate that into our collection.”