Charlotte Interview - The So Good


You started your careers as graphic designers. How did you get into the jewelry business? Does your background in graphic design influence your work today? Lee and I met when we were working at Sapient in Atlanta designing websites. We would sneak off during our lunch break to buy beads at Americas Mart, which was next door. It was nice to contrast the flatness of web design with a hobby where you used your hands. Of course we created a website to showcase our designs and the rest is history…

Where do you source the beautiful gemstones that you feature in so many of your pieces? The majority of our gemstones are mined and cut in India. We have an amazing team of people who hand make and set our pieces once we finish the design.


Do you have any favorite pieces from your current collection? My personal favorite is called the Bartholomew necklace. It was inspired by my grandmother. She had a similar necklace she purchased on one of her travels and passed down to me. I love the combination of the rich turquoise with gold. I also love that you can layer this necklace with other pieces new or vintage.


I adore your tiny jewelry boxes. Any plans to expand the line to include more precious gifts like these? Yes! We are really getting into the home decor and tabletop space. It has seemed like a natural progression. Who wouldn’t want some beautiful jeweled napkin rings or cups!


Who are your personal style icons? And who have been your favorite people you’ve seen sporting AW jewelry? I think I have a thing for Kates – Kate Hudson and Kate Moss are two of my personal favorites. Their style matches their personality – fun and free spirited yet glamorous. I have loved seeing Mary McDonald wear our jewelry. She just has such great taste. I also think Haskell Harris (blogger and contributing editor) has amazing style. She does a great job combining new and vintage things.

Any recommendations on what not to miss in Charlotte? I love grabbing a quick bite at Reid’s for lunch. They have the cold cokes in glass bottles which is my fave!

With a background in graphic design I also could spend hours at Arzberger Stationers. Their custom stationery is insane.

New favorite– Blo Charlotte where I stopped in the morning of our shoot. They styled me in their signature blowout, the Red Carpet.

Personal question – how do you keep your house looking beautiful and stylish with three little boys and two big dogs running around? I have convinced myself that re-upholstering is fun!